The Service

The ChemQuest Service is fast and efficient. As soon as orders are received we begin to process them, there is no delay. Any problems or queries are immediately fed back to the end-user or purchasing if required. Once the order has been processed each end-user receives all confirmation details so that they know their order has been dealt with professionally.

All orders are expedited on a regular basis to ensure timely arrival. Any unforeseen delays are communicated immediately.

Where a supplier offers a discount to the client, ChemQuest pass this on in it’s entirety.

This way of working is also popular with our suppliers as they know that when we negotiate discounts on behalf of the client, then it is the client who gains the financial benefit from the discount. Plus the supplier also knows that any promotional activity is there to grow their business with the client.

Orders from overseas are no problem, in fact they are potentially our area of greatest expertise. We have our own priority courier and duty deferment accounts to ensure the rapid passage of the goods through customs. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing that your items are slowly defrosting in an airport somewhere simply for the want of the correct paperwork. We understand licensing issues and DEFRA’s requirements for importing goods for research purposes and have a good working relationship with the relevant departments as well as with the Environmental Health Officers at the Border Inspection Posts.

ChemQuest also complete all relevant Intrastats for imported goods.

A Truly Value Added Service:

All of this is included in the handling charge for the order. We don’t simply process orders, but go to great lengths to ensure that they are processed properly and delivered on time. We negotiate discounts on behalf of the client, ensure that all supplier invoices are correct vs the quotation and produce bespoke regular reports for client and supplier to keep them informed of how their business is moving. ChemQuest is also geared up to pay in advance for goods, whenever required, in order to ensure that deliveries are not delayed, and we set up new supplier accounts on a daily basis to facilitate future business.

The ChemQuest service is bespoke, no two customers have exactly the same requirements and because we are a small, flexible service, we can meet almost any needs. We accept orders or send invoices by any method, paper or electronically and of course we are ARIBA-enabled for those customers already using this route.

So if you want a value-added service which helps to make your purchasing system run more smoothly and cost-effectively, and which removes the procurement headaches, then you should talk to ChemQuest.